Ben jackson
Ben Jackson
Alias(es): Benjamin Jackson, Boy
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The War Machines
Portrayed by: Michael Craze

Ben Jackson was a sailor who arrived in London and met up with barmaid Polly Wright after protecting her from a raucous customer. He then met with the Doctor and he and Polly smuggled themselves on the TARDIS. Ben and Polly witnessed the first regeneration of the First Doctor into the Second Doctor and he also fought Cybermen and Daleks before he and Polly left the ship with Jamie McCrimmon as the Doctor's companion.


While visiting an Unidentified Asteroid with the First Doctor, Ben began to transform into a Schirr body. He helped stop this transformation among all the Humans before the ship reached the Morphiean Quadrant. (Ten Little Aliens)

When visiting a Colony on an Unnamed Planet, Ben alongside the Doctor found a Human colony under the watchful eyes of strange creatures known as the Macra. Indoctrinated by these creatures, Ben became a part of the programme, which followed extreme rules and he helped capture his own friends numerous times for Pilot and Ola. He finally came to his senses after an encounter with the creatures. (The Macra Terror)

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