General Carrington
Alias(es): General, Sir
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The Ambassadors of Death
Portrayed by: John Abineri

General Carrington was a former astronaut for Space Centre who had met Alien Ambassadors who had killed his friend Jim Daniels.


While back on Earth, he gathered some reliable men in order to send a transmission to space, diverting the Alien Ambassadors towards them. He helped to remove the supposed astronauts from Recovery 7 and had a scientist, Heldorf to experiment on them. He discovered that they needed radiation to survive.

He lost the astronauts to an opposing man, Reegan, however it was discovered that they were working together. At Space Centre, the Doctor was eager to travel into space to find the astronauts. Carrington didn't want this to happen and tried to restrain Ralph Cornish from allowing it. He was angered to discover that it hadn't been halted.

After the Doctor was captured by Reegan, Carrington revealed himself to be the leader of the corruption. He talked to John Wakefield, a reporter at Space Centre, that he wished to announce an invasion by the Ambassadors across the world. John was forced to agree. After Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart disagreed, Carrington ordered his men to arrest him and any UNIT soldiers.

A rather more substantial group of UNIT soldiers arrived with the Doctor and Elizabeth Shaw, who had escaped from the laboratory, arrived to arrest Carrington. As he was taken away, he told the Doctor that he believed he had done nothing wrong. (The Ambassadors of Death)

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