DWA 320
DWA 320
Cover Title: Cyber Army
Comic Strip: Nova
Editor: Natalie Barnes
Release Date: 16 May 2013
Format: 36 pages (staple-binded)
Doctor Who Adventures
Previous Story: DWA 319
Following Story: DWA 321

DWA 320 was the 320th issue of the Doctor Who Adventures Magazine. This magazine was released in the lead-up to the finale of Series 7 of Doctor Who, The Name of the Doctor and also featured information on the previous episode, Nightmare in Silver.


Page 1 & 2Edit

Page 3 & 4Edit

A sneak peak at The Name of the Doctor:

Be prepared for some shocks and scares! THe Doctor's best friends are kidnapped and taken to the last place in space and time that he would ever want to visit!

Page 5 & 6Edit

DATA - 35 Cyber Facts

A list of facts about Cybermen and all the different upgrades ever seen.

Page 7 & 8Edit

Puzzles and Time Teasers about the Cybermen.

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Page 11 & 12Edit

Episode Guide -

The Doctor takes Clara Oswald, Angie and Artie to Hedgwick's World of Wonders. They end up in Webley's World of Wonders with a Cyberman chess machine! The Cybermen upgrade Mr Webley and take Angie and Artie. They wanted a child to be the Cyber-Planner, but it is decided that the Doctor, would be perfect - so he is upgraded! As the Doctor and Cyber-Doctor play chess to see who wins the Doctor's brain, hordes of Cybermen awaken from a secret tomb. The Doctor beats the Cyber-Doctor at chess and, thanks to Porridge, the Emperor, the entire planet and all the Cybermen on it are blown up! Except for a single Cybermite.

Page 13Edit

Lethal Kiss - Alien Babies Comic Series - Baby Gillyflower uses Baby Mr Sweet to turn everyone a crimson horror!

Page 14 & 15Edit

Whoniverse Collection - Third Doctor Part 2 of 3.

Page 16Edit

Doctor Who? Guessing Game

Page 17 & 18Edit

Large Nightmare in Silver Poster

Page 19Edit


Page 20-23Edit

Nova - Latest Comic Strip

Written by Rik Hoskin Art by John Ross Colouring by Alan Craddock

Page 24Edit


Page 25 & 26Edit

Doctor Doctor!

Page 27 & 28Edit

Behind the Scenes - Cyber Secrets

to be added

Page 29 & 30Edit

Where's the Doctor? - Cyber Factory

Page 31 & 32Edit

Mean Mail - You Who

Page 33Edit

The Doctor Poster

Page 34Edit

Next Time!

Production TeamEdit

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