Dav Joiks
Alias(es): Joiks
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
First Appearance: Ten Little Aliens
Portrayed by: N/A

Dav Joiks was a Human Pent Central soldier who was employed in a mission on an Unidentified Asteroid under the command of Nadina Haunt.


For the mission to find Kill-Droids, Joiks was partnered with Gisel Denni, who was suddenly taken from him in the darkness of a cave.

He reported this to the rest of the group, who believed that she was responsible for their failure after devising a plan to disrupt the mission. While searching for the actual enemy, the Kill-Droids, he and his group met up with the Morphiean creations and he was disturbingly ripped apart by two of them. (Ten Little Aliens)

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