This wiki is purely fan-based and does not have any conventional connection to any hierarchy in the BBC or of any similar connections, it is completely and utterly a home to fans and created and built by a fan. However, not only is it a house, but a crumbled one and a certain individual behind the computer screen will cautiously keep building this crumbled house until every brick and stone has been set into place. This means that until this individual has completed a certain story you may update it, but cautiously as unacceptable content will be removed almost immediately.

The essence of this wiki is to gain comfortability amongst our community and make sure that all pages are satisfactory and are fully prepared for readers. This means strenuously tackling problems at a rushed rate. However, the final outlook will hopefully appear successful. Our prime aim is to manifest pages of such substance that is readable to all our audiences. This means that everything (up to a point) is sourced and backed up. After a certain time of tweaking and resizing, pages will be categorically placed as 'good' articles, and will be fully protected from editing again unless there are any specific problems. This 'good' mark will certify to audiences that this page has been established as "complete" and is ready to be read continuously with factual information and content that people can believe as truthful.

As a whole, this is our primary aim, and cannot be countermanded, because our writing is our strength to push forward. As the 50th Anniversary of the great television series, Doctor Who, draws near, our target is to continue to create and form for years afterwards we have caught up with the passing of time (if ever that time comes). And we hope that more individuals will hopefully join us to glorify this great community of science-fiction friends.

And so without further ado, we leave you now to edit, in the hope that one day we will have fulfilled our task as editors.

Thank you,

Cyruptsaram (talk) 15:29, April 3, 2013 (UTC)

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