Jamie McCrimmon
Jamie McCrimmon
Alias(es): Jamie
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The Highlanders
Portrayed by: Frazer Hines

Jamie McCrimmon was a Scottish Highlander who met the Doctor during the Battle of Culloden in the 18th Century. He soon became a regular traveller, first travelling with Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, then Victoria Waterfield, whom he gained a very slight, yet visible crush for, and finally Zoe Heriot before the Doctor was exiled by his own people and they were forced to return home, where Jamie could only remember the Doctor in the first adventure and nothing else.


The Doctor took Jamie, Ben and Polly to an Unnamed Planet, which was colonised by Humans. However, as Jamie soon discovered, the humans were being manipulated. After defying the laws of the Colony, Jamie was sent to mine some gas, whichw as a mysterious solvent that stopped Humans from breathing. He soon found that the gas was consumed as food for a species called the Macra. He was finally saved by the Doctor and narrowly escaped being killed by a vicious Macra claw. (The Macra Terror)


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