Kilvenny Odoyle
Alias(es): Kilvenny
Species: Leprechaun
Origin: Avalon
First Appearance: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Portrayed by: N/A

Kilvenny Odoyle was a Leprechaun who was a visitor at Fluxford and an old friend of Gramling's. He offered to help find Merlin's Helm in the Shadow Isles in order to stop Dhal from causing anymore trouble. As one of the Seven Companions, he joined the crew of the Merrow. He protected the ship from many creatures and weathers using his powers. However, they exhausted him and he was forced to stay on the ship.

When the others returned, Kilvenny began to teach First Doctor, under his request, the art of Magic. Arriving back in Fluxford, the leprachaun watched as Gramling placed Merlin's Helm upon his head and realised his mistake. He fought Gramling powerfully, however Kilvenny was killed by Gramling's winged form of a dragon. (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

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