Alias(es): Unknown
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The Macra Terror
Portrayed by: Peter Jeffrey

Pilot was the leader of a Colony on an Unnamed Planet.


Pilot and Ola

Pilot and Ola working together.

He ordered guards in the centre to trace Medok who was an apparently crazed individual who had escaped restrain. Discovering that the Doctor and his friends had stopped Medok, he offered them residence in their centre as a reward. He was slightly disappointed later, to find out that the Doctor had been helping Medok with his escape, however he soon discovered the Time Lord's intelligence and began to explain their aims in the colony.

Pilot often left security measures to Ola who helped recapture Medok. Pilot later helped save the Doctor's friends including Jamie McCrimmon from the Macra, a newly discovered species who had been controlling the colony through the Controller. Going against Ola's beliefs, Pilot began to work against their leaders in the hope of stopping them from using the Human civilians as slaves. (The Macra Terror)

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