Polly Wright
Polly Wright
Alias(es): Polly, Pol
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The War Machines
Portrayed by: Anneke Wills

Polly Wright was a barmaid from London who met up with the Doctor and his companion Dodo Chaplett, and simultaneously meeting with a sailor, Ben Jackson. She helped fight against WOTAN, before she and Ben smuggled themselves onto the TARDIS. She witnessed the Regeneration of the First Doctor to the Second Doctor after fighting the Cybermen. She also fought the Daleks before gaining another friend, Jamie McCrimmon. Deciding the adventures were too much, she and Ben left after battling the Chameleon race.


When arriving on an asteroid, Polly helped battle against Schirr and Morphieans as she began to transform into a new Schirr body herself. However, she survived after managing to kill DeCaster and his comrades. (Ten Little Aliens)

She and her friends visited a Colony on an Unnamed Planet. There she met the menacing Macra and was forced to join the mining people to mine for Macra Gas, something that would keep the creatures alive. She was also distressed to find the Ben had turned against her as he was indoctrinated by Control. (The Macra Terror)



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