Second Doctor
Second Doctor
Alias(es): Doc
Species: Time Lord
Origin: Gallifrey
First Appearance: The Tenth Planet
Portrayed by: Patrick Troughton

The Second Doctor was the second incarnation of the infamous Time Lord known as The Doctor. This incarnation was particularly sprightly and gained a certain sense of humour for everything. He quickly made friends with his current companions, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, who had watched his regeneration. Later, he met up with a certain Scot, Jamie McCrimmon who joined the TARDIS crew. After Ben and Polly decide to leave, the Doctor picked up another companion in Victoria Waterfield who was a shy individual, but with a lot of curiosity, who lost her family to the Daleks. After Victoria's departure, the Doctor and Jamie gained friendship in Zoe Heriot who was a whizz in science. The Doctor, during a monstrous battle of intelligence, was forced to lose his companions and his second life to an exile as regenerated into the Third Doctor.


When visiting a Colony on an Unnamed Planet, the Doctor found a group of Humans indoctrinated by a race of devilish ambitions. He discovered that the Humans had been used as slaves by the Macra in order to mine a gas consumed by the crab-like creatures. He helped reveal the true enemy to the leaders of the colony in order to protect the innocent victims. (The Macra Terror)

While travelling calmly through the vortex inside the TARDIS they were blown of course by a Pulsar. Investigating, the Planet of the Quiet Ones, the Doctor discovered a note written by his elder incarnation asking him to collect data from the scientific records. He spent several years negotiating with the Quiet Ones before meeting up with Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot again. (Shadow of Death)


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