Vicki Pallister
Vicki Pallister
Alias(es): Vicki, Vic
Species: Human
Origin: Earth
First Appearance: The Rescue
Portrayed by: Maureen O' Brien

Vicki Pallister was a one of the First Doctor's companion from the future. She first became a companion when the Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright arrived on Dido in the year 2493 where she was under the supervision of a monster known as Koquillion. During her travels, she met Steven Taylor. another companion from the future. She also battled Daleks, another Time Lord and King Nero himself. She left the TARDIS in order to marry Troilus during their time in the Trojan War.


Vicki and the Doctor found Steven Taylor hiding in TARDIS, and was frustrated to hear the the man didn't believe anything about the ship behind a time machine. Travelling through England, they found a watch, something which made Steven even more unbearable. Vicki and Steven then, under information visited the Monastery where they found the Doctor's coat. On a goose, chase Vicki and Steven finally caught up with the Doctor and helped him meddle again the Monk whom Vicki was surprised to realise was a Time Lord. (The Time Meddler)

While on an Unnamed Planet, Vicki the Doctor and Steven met the unkind Drahvins who claimed they were battling with the Rills, who according to them were hideous. Vicki met one of these on their spaceship. She was soon shocked to discover that the planet would explode the next day. She helped the Doctor with his arrangements as he helped power up the Rill Ship and then they quickly exited using the TARDIS, leaving the Drahvins behind as punishment. (Galaxy 4)


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